The most simple tutorial in the world! Customise a chair with washi tape and ribbons!


Hello my darlings

As promised not so long ago, here´s a wee tutorial how to make this fun and funky chair, complete with roses!  Of course!!! OK, not make make an actual chair as such, but you know what I mean…

You will need:

  • A chair, old (perfect for Barcelona as not a week goes by without seeing a chair or 3 thrown out on the street) or this plain one from Ikea that I thought needed jazzing up.
  • Washi tapes in contrasting or complementary colours.
  • Ribbons.  I recommend using what you’ve got lying round the house rather than buying expensive new stuff.   String, wool, old ribbons saved from gift wrapping or that come free with some shop purchases, thread, fabric scraps, lace from an old top will all do wonderfully.
  • Artificial flowers or old brooches and ornaments to embellish.  I used flowers that were originally on hair clips.

What to do:

  • Wrap ribbons around chair
  • Add washi tape!
  • That’s it!

Ok that´s the really short version.  Here we are if you would like more details:

  • Clean the chair if it’s old or particularly dirty.  If you don’t want to use as much ribbon or tape then paint the chair first so you’ve got a nice base to work with, that will need less decoration.
  • Start wherever you like on the chair.  I started on the back, the bit that you lean against (does that have a name?!) as this is where the eye will be drawn to first, so I wanted to make it the most exciting.
  • Begin wrapping the ribbon around parts of the chair until you are pleased with how it looks.  If you’ve painted it then you could wrap the ribbon leaving spaces in between to let the paint show through.
  • Add washi tape in strips or smaller pieces if you want a more intricate pattern.  Vertically or horizontally, diagonally or geometrically!
  • For the seat I created a square pattern with the washi tape, which I think looks really effective with the colours I’ve used.
  • To finish off I would recommend applying a coat of clear gel medium or varnish to add a shine or sealed, more finished look. Also from a practical point of view to stop the tape from peeling.
  • Add any flowers or other adornments to your taste!

Et voilà!  How simple is that!

Happy decorating my friends!

IMG_2611 IMG_2612 IMG_2613 IMG_2618 IMG_2619 IMG_2621


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