Wunderbar Wednesday

to thine own self be true close

to thine own self blue pm

Hello flippetyjibbits

What a hilarious word!  I think my mum used to say that to me when I was restless and jumping round the house or some such!

How’s life at the moment?  I’m full of the joys of spring (and caffeine perhaps, ahem) as Jamie is getting on well at nursery and I’ve been having time to myself in the mornings, in a most tranquille manner.  I’ve done the collage you see above, which I’m really pleased with (soon to be available in my Etsy shop), discovered Blogcast  FM, which is seriously amazing, and have been tinkering with my Etsy shop, which still needs soooooo much work but I’ll get there!

Some happy things on my gratitude list:

♥ Jamie’s nursery – sorry, a bit of a boring one, especially for the non-parents (aka people who have FREEDOM!!), but is making such a massive differencia to my vida. ♥  Friendly chitchat with the neighbours  ♥ Cava on a Tuesday, rock and roll baby!! ♥ Coffee in the park first thing in the morning when hardly anyone is around, possibly inspiring me to do yoga there.  Hmmm, would have to be feeling extremely brave! ♥ Fleamarket finds – a vintage French scarf with a roses, and a skirt with pink roses on, Love them!  ♥ designing more cards and thinking about Christmas designs. ♥  Christmas!  Twinkling away at the end of the year. ♥ Colourful windmills on our balcony whirring around in the wind.♥


What’s been making you smile lately?  I’d love to know, it inspires me to think of other smiley things about my life.

Wishing you sunshine to bask in (like I say, not ready to give up on summer just yet), and a wee bit of time to yourself,

Jenny xx


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