Things I love Sunday. Roses and collages and coffee and friends!

Just married couple close up

just married couple blue


We had a glimpse of autumn and this morning I was so excited to wear trousers and a t-shirt instead of one of the 4 vest tops I’ve been wearing all summer.  Then i came home from the park red faced and flustered and drenched in sweat!!! A beautiful image for you there, just in case you think I’m too perfect normally ha ha!!!

Here are some random happy things.  Hope you’ve got lots coming your way!!

♥ Rain!  ♥ Thunderstorms ♥ Les Corts fiesta and Jamie’s excited face on the baby rides ♥ Joe’s goat’s cheese and walnut tart ♥ changing our furniture round so it looks like we have even more s p a c e – who knows I might even be inspired to do some yoga at home (ahem) ♥ Germany flights booked yaaaaaayyyyyyy!!! ♥ my logo on TV!  Yayyyyy again!  And for such a good cause! ♥  charity shop finds ♥  lazy weekends ♥ good books ♥  this book list ♥  making business plan on Michelle’s organised advice ♥ reorganising my studio (again) ♥ new cutomisable collages, like the one above ♥  finding more inspiring blogs (going to compile a resources list soon) ♥  Zumba!  Went for the first time for a breast cancer charity event and I LOVED it!  just like clubbing but without the drugs and alcohol, and maybe a little bit more choreographed!! ♥

Happy rosy Sunday to you! xx


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