What I’m grateful for today

something good revised

Hi Poppickers!

Starting to get annoyed with the adjective plus day of the week formula for the title of my gratitude posts, so I´m keeping it simple and real from now on. Well at the moment, anyhow, it depends how I feel….ha!  I love the freedom of living and doing (mostly) according to what I feel – pretty much the essence of freedom if you ask me, which you didn´t  – but still… Ramble ramble….

On with the post!

Here´s what I´m happy about just now:

♥ Thoughtful Joe buying me Marie Claire idées magazine (and stickers for Jamie, such a sense of fairness when he goes out to get something for himself!) ♥ Beginning translating my Etsy shop into French and Spanish – hopefully attract ing more customers but enjoying the process for what it is, albeit massively lengthy ♥ Snatnam Kaur concert, and a friend for letting us know she playing to Barcelona.  Amazing, powerful and spiritual like nothing I’d ever experienced before. Goodness, that’s quite a statement!  I recommend you check her out if you don’t know her, and yoga and beautiful singing is your thing. ♥ New Twitter account (on a more prosaic note!) potentially overwhelming, but fun if I can control it properly!!!  Follow me here.  (Still trying to work out how to but the official button on my blog) ♥ Countdown to Germany trip! ♥ Making a collage for Jamie from the congratulations cards we were given when he was born.  I got this idea from this Etsy shop, if you’re not inclined to do it yourself.  Makes a lovely momento, and will look pretty in his room.  Plus I love the idea of having things you’ve been given out on display in your home.  What good are photos and cards etc just kept in a box, half-forgotten about?  Good to have them out and about!  ♥ This book by Colum McCann.  I read Dancer and wasn’t that impressed, but this book is beautiful! His prose is like poetry.  Will definitely be trying some of his others ♥ English classes with fun students in pretty terrace cafes.  The weather is still warm enough, and it makes such a nice classroom! ♥

What´s on your list this week?

Happy Tuesday,

Jenny xx


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