What I appreciate today



Hello cheeky chickpeas

How was your weekend?  it was a holiday here in Spain on Friday, and I jetted off to Cologne for 2 nights on my own!  You may have heard me mention that before.  It felt a bit strange at first, but it was lovely to swan about, read my book in peace on the plane, flit around in a carefree manner and visit my dear friend Zoe and meet her 6 month old bundle of cuteness.  I think I would have missed Jamie and Joe much more if I hadn’t have had another baby to cuddle. I say baby, Jamie is now 2 years 3 months old, so not really, and Joe, well, not really either eh?!

Do you like my Ganesha above?  He is a Hindu god of new beginnings and remover of obstacles, amongst other things, which I think is appropriate for the time of year….31st of October was traditionally a time of looking to the past, or back on the year, and deciding what things we want to cast off and leave behind, making us all the readier to embrace the new.  Are you planning to shed some snake skins of things you´ve outgrown or no longer serve you?  I personally am working on letting go of judgement, and just accepting some things without the need to constantly judge or categorise them.  Wish me luck… !

Here’s what I’m grateful for today:

♥ having lovely friends in my life to visit and a fantastic husband who encourages it ♥ misty autumnal weather  ♥ orange and red trees and big parks ♥ cute babies and funny laughs ♥  baba ganush  ♥ hot chocolate  ♥ other people’s gratitude journals (looking at you, Miss Jamie) ♥  Joe being the most reliable person in the world ♥ card orders ♥ scented candles ♥ walks in nature ♥ surprise flower pattern scissors and arty gifts from Joe ♥  baby birthday parties with plenty of Cava ♥

Wishing you a glass of spicy mulled wine, tangerines and a cosy black and white film to watch if that´s your thing.  Ooh, I appear to be feeling a bit Christmassy!   Happy Monday anyway, and may you start the week as you mean to go on!

Jenny xx


3 thoughts on “What I appreciate today

  1. Your ending sounds like a gorgeous afternoon!/evening in!

    I hope you enjoyed your mini vacation! ❤ I think it's almost time for me to get one in order 😉

    Loving you always,

    1. thanks Kiera, I did really enjoy my mini break! nice to come home too though. Where or what might your holiday be? My big dream is a week-long yoga retreat…maybe next year! xx

      1. That sounds like it would be a blasty-blast! I’ve been mildly obsessed with the idea of a weekend cabin in the woods with a huge jacuzzi, lots of wine, and a few good friends.

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