Today I´m grateful for….

Christmas woman
Getting Christmassy already! I LOVE Christmas!

Hello dear pixies of the internet

How are you this fine day?  I had a restorative weekend full of friends and fun, cava and invisible angels, and am now full of the joys of spring.  Or would be, if Autumn would deign to pay us a visit.  Ha ha that makes no sense, but that’s the way I like it!

So, I reckon my commitment to acting rosy, or at least trying to, is starting to pay off.  It’s sooooo not easy most of the time.  But I really think acting ‘as if’ and ‘faking it til you make it’, well there’s really something in those hackneyed phrases.  You get what you focus on, and your mind doesn’t really care if you’re just pretending, because eventually you start really feeling what you were pretending to feel.  Your mind doesn’t distinguish between what you actually feel and how you would like to feel.  Plant some seeds of positivity there and watch them grow!  Plant some negativity in your mind too and the same thing will happen!  It´s your choice. You really do get to choose what you put into your consciousness.  If you invite something into your life, quite often it will come along…

I’ve also been thinking lately about how the tiny moments of our day basically constitute our life.  The two are not somehow seperate, although we often see them as such.  How you live today or any given day basically equates to how you live your life.  There’s no dichotomy! Life is now, this moment, right now-what you’re thinking right now, how you´re acting right now, what you’re choosing to believe right now.

Whatever you are doing or feeling or thinking now in this moment is shaping your future.

Life isn’t going to start happening some time in the future when all these things we’re supposedly striving for arrive (if indeed they ever do arrive anyway)  It’s happening now so we have to start living it now!  And we have the power to live it how we want!! The journey is the point!  How you live is the point, that is the only thing you have any control over.

So I’m excited to say I think Monday will be my regular day of gratitude blog posts.  A great way to start the week, start off as I mean to go on.  Ideally of course it would be every day, but a week can be a microcosm of my life too, and I have to be realistic. There’s no way I have time to write every day, and I don’t think I would want to anyway.  I’ve also changed the time of my therapy sessions to Monday morning.  Hooray!  Everything in alignment!  Before you know it I’ll be up at 5 am chanting, meditating, doing yoga and reading poetry and inspiring quotations all before breakfast!

So here’s what I’m grateful for today:

For finding a small model of a hummingbird on the street.  I love hummingbirds! I will look up their significance.  For The Book Thief.  For passing on compliments and them being passed on to me.  For sunshine.  For booking Christmas flights to England.  For Arlene saying I was rosy.  For Mosquito.  For good conversations and connecting with like-minded people. For flea market finds and surprise stationery gifts.  For Joe’s solo bike escapades.  For pink skies at night. For rubber stamps.  For Brussels sprouts.  For Jamie’s enormous capacity for love and affection.  For Lisa making sure my logo for her homeless tour company was displayed prominently in the filming of one of her tours on Belgian TV!  For invisible threads, kind-hearted people, and everyone trying their best.  It’s all we can ever really ask.

Phew!  Hearty Congratulations for reading through to the end of this long blog post!

Wishing you long walks in crisp nature, relaxing music to start your day with (Einaudi?) gin and tonics by an open fire, and maybe a pub lunch with friends in the countryside…

And rosy wishes of course!

Love, Jenny xx


4 thoughts on “Today I´m grateful for….

  1. 🙂 I agree that we live our lives in the small moments. Some of my happiest times are those ordinary moments finding pleasure in small everyday things and connections with friends and family. They are more important I think than the big gestures. Finding the word love fashioned out of plasticine waiting for me on my desk this week, placed there by a fragile girl who can not talk about her feelings, was better than the opening of my new art show the very same evening.

    1. gah that is twice i’ve just replied to you and lost it, gah gah gah!!!! anyway, a reminder to stay zen if i can! thanks for the reply, what a lovely surprise to appear on your desk. i agree it’s the little things, the key lies in recognising them for what they are at the time. you’ve given me the idea to think of other similar gestures and moments that stand out in my life for their ordinariness or simplicity or touchingness (good word eh?!) what else stands out for you along those lines? xx

      1. Glad to inspire ideas. What else stands out for me? Most of the small moments that give me great happiness involve love… walking on an island trail with my two teenagers holding each of my hands…they wouldn’t dream of doing it in public mind you, but to
        A have a 13 and a 15 year old willing to spend time with you and
        B have them hold your hand without threats or rewards
        That is pure happiness. Two weeks later I had a fabulous solo trip to Europe that I had been really looking forward to but… that day with my two kids stands out as the best day of that summer hands down.
        Those moments can also involve accomplishment like picking and sharing the first ripe tomato of the season knowing that I prepared the soil, planted the seeds, nurtured the plant that produced that beautiful tomato. etc.. I look forward to reading your posts.

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