I love Daddy scrapbook. And a few things I´m grateful for today…

daddy book 2

I made this little scrapbook/memory book/journal/I never know what to call them – in the summer as Joe´s birthday present from Jamie and me.

I love making these books!

This one was written in Jamie´s voice, with pictures of him together with Joe and comments about all the sweet and fun stuff they do together, such as playing football, reading stories, gardening, washing up (ok fun in Jamie’s eyes at least!) painting etc.

I loved putting it together and filling out the content, I loved making it look pretty, and I love how much pleasure it brings to Joe.  It will also serve as a really nice record of this part of Jamie´s life that I imagine Jamie  will love to be able to look at in the future.  It´s a completely win-win situation!


I´ve made a few others in the past, for Joe´s dad as a birthday present, and one when Jamie was born, chronicling  my pregnancy, the birth and the first weeks of his life.  It was really therapeutic to do something creative but also Jamie-focused when I was still completely out of it being a new mother!


I also made one for my friend´s wedding, with bits and pieces that she had to fill in.  See pictures and my post about it here

I´ve got some more ideas too for various books.  They are so wonderful to make as gifts, but I might even start selling them too.  They just take quite a while to make!

Anyway, here´s what I´m grateful for this week:

♥ The rain! Our plants are outside feeling refreshed (yep, they told me) and having their leaves thoroughly cleaned. ♥ The cold weather (it´s here at last and it´s making me feel more Christmassy) ♥ Random acts of kindness.  Today a man came up to me and Jamie on the street.  Jamie was grizzling in the rain with his nose running, I was carrying him, the shopping trolley and balancing an umbrella, the man said to Jamie, ´Look that way sweetheart then the rain won´t get in your face, and here have a  tissue let´s wipe your nose.´ What a nice guy eh?! ♥ Therapy!  It´s such a positive force to make your life better yet there is still stigma attached to it and to ‘admitting’ to going.  Like you must be mentally ill when it´s actually the opposite! ♥ Mexican food in the form of Joe´s nachos with refried beans and margaritas. What do you mean the latter is not strictly a food? ♥ Twitter and more inspiration online.♥ This blog post written on Monday.  Feels good to have my actions in line with my intentions, go me! ♥ Christmas craft market where the vendor prices are not as prohibitive as normal.  It´ll be my second one ever this Saturday, so wish me luck!

Wishing you crisp leaves and puddles to jump in with starry welly boots, bonfires, candles and maybe some Nina Simone or Laura Mvula on in the background…

By the way I must have got the above wishes idea from SARK, who has hundreds of these wishes she grants you.  They are so evocative and cosy and inspiring at the same time!

Love, Jenny xx


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