Things I love: The Little Prince!



Hello pipsqueaks

How are you this fine morn?  I’m so thrilled with Picmonkey I think I’m going to take the plunge and upgrade to pay 33 dollars a year! Woo hoo! I love the free edits it offers but the Royal ones are better and it’s opening new doors for me in my collage artwork. I just made the above Antoine de Saint Exupéry quote, using a scan of my original collage for the heart with a few simple overlays.  Very exciting!

Here are some bits and bobs I’m grateful for today:

♥ Sunlight streaming in the window. ♥ Bagels. ♥ The view of Tibidabo from the next street, twinkling at the top of the hill in the sunlight. ♥  Crisp, cold and clear days. ♥ Cool dresses found in Humana. ♥  Skype dates. ♥ Meeting fun people at craft fairs. ♥ Selling a few items at craft fairs. ♥ Making scrapbooks. ♥ New book Everything is Illuminated. I know it’s not new new, but new to me and I’m really enjoying it. ♥ Cafe de l’opera ( I think it’s made a star appearance on here before, I hope you count yourself lucky, Mr Cafe Opera) ♥ Pre-Christmas social butterflying. ♥ Jamie in his little beanie hat, too cute bobbing up and down with his awkward pixie run.♥ Decadent afternoon naps. ♥ Friendly cafe waiters and free pastries. ♥ Picmonkey!  I’ve said it (a few times) before and I’ll say it again, such an amazing online photo editing tool!  User friendly, brilliant results and free!  Thank you Picmonkey!  (Pay me if you like, really, I won’t be offended) ♥ Creativa anticipation ♥ Sooooo much inspiration from fellow Etsians!  I love love love the handmade community.  Together we’ll change the world!

Happy Wednesday my soon-to-be-Christmas elves!

Wishing you a mug of hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows, ginger, honey and lemon drinks, a Miyazaki film, Nag. champa incense and some yoga stretches in the morning (hmmm…the stretches’ve been on my to-do list a while now…)

Love Jenny xx


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