Hello, might I tell you that you’re beautiful?

Beautiful you by This Rosy Life

Feeling the love today my buttons!  I’m a firm believer in that which you pay attention to and focus on expands, so here’s to spreading the love and telling yourself you’re beautiful and loved!  You can say it or think it and not believe it (which always happens to me, why is it so bloody hard???  Like meditating!) but that doesn’t matter because you’re planting the seeds anyway, and the more you do something the more of a habit it becomes.  And even if you think its silly or you feel silly or self-conscious (even to yourself!) well so what, it’s a better way to spend your time than thinking negative thoughts about yourself and putting yourself down innit like?

It’s also true that every single thing you do today ( be it thoughts, actions, plans, reminiscing, deeds, whatever) you’re setting up your future with.  You are shaping and creating your future with whatever you do today, now, every second.

We have the power to be what we want to be!!!

Make sure the stuff you do today is in alignment with what you would like to be like tomorrow.  Easier said then done but we can try…

Today Im grateful:

♥ for Creativa, a lot of beautiful art, supplies and inspiration all under one roof.  ♥ for card games and red wine with Joe (especially as I won, ha ha!) for 4 day working weeks ♥ for Blogcast FM.  I’ve definitely said that before but really it’s soooo good!  Creative people’s stories about who they are and tips to become the person you want to be.  The stories are from creative entrepreneurs but it’s very spiritual and philosophical too, and Srinivas Rao‘s style of interviewing is intuitive and lovely!  ♥ for fun girls’ nights out with good friends ♥ for business advice from Lisa ♥ for knowing my limits (FINALLY! with alcohol!) and sticking to them ♥ for this lovely parenting website handinhandparenting ♥ for poinsettias and Christmas being round the corner. ♥  for catch ups with Connie. ♥ for surprises. ♥ for people making an effort. ♥ for Jamie and his smile and hugs for everyone, I LOVE THAT BOY and feel so privileged that he’s my son!

Wishing you a big bunch of flowers or a gorgeous smelling hyacinth in a pot, a friendly puppy giving you a hello bark, and a big radiant sun coming out of your heart!

Love Jenny xx


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