Cold Moon December

moon calendar 2014
moon calendar 2014 by This Rosy Life

Happy Monday beautiful people!

This month´s full moon name is Cold.  How seasonal!  I love the seasons and how nature can remind us that we are part of the earth and nature ourselves, with our own cycles and phases and whatnots…

I hope you´re keeping warm and enjoying this time of year, listening to your body, drinking hot drinks and cosying up in blankets in front of log fires…

I´m grateful:

♥ For good Student Loan service.  Yes you heard me right!  Anyone need efficiency and friendliness, ask for this guy! ♥ For tissues with hearts on them.  If I´m going to be blowing my nose then hey let´s make it pretty!  A bit of beauty in the everyday, akin to investing in amazing duvets and cutlery, I say…♥ For serendipity and happy coincidences and bumping into people at opportune moments. ♥  For the significance of hummingbirds. ♥  For Joe saying the next card I randomly pull out the pack is how much I love you and him getting the Ace of Hearts!  So cool!  Thanks universe for Joe!  ♥ For Jim being sweet and thoughtful enough to take a photo on his phone of this random sign he saw in Barcelona saying I heart Jenny.  Definitely going to print that one out.  ♥ For lovely service and freebies at my local printers. ♥  For finishing my 2014 moon calendar, as you can see above.  I´m really pleased with how it turned out and how I managed to be organised enough to get it done before the end of the year. ♥  For feeling calm and centred. ♥  For long-overdue catch ups with Sophie. ♥  For mulled wine and Elf watching.  ♥ for medieval festivals and mulled wine (sorry, did someone just say mulled wine?)

Wishing  you the sight of falling snowflakes, catching the light as they tumble, with the knowledge that you are as unique as one of them (who quoted that, I forget?), the smell of cinnamon and cloves, and a calm centred approach to Christmas shopping!  Go handmade!  Make your own!  Offer your time rather than money…

Big rosy love my cherubins,

Jenny xx


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