Follow your own path. Go on, do.

You are following your own path

Happy New Year to you my flower fairies!

Do you have any New Year´s resolutions?

I have a few, and am at the moment thinking of what my word for the year should be.  I´ll share it with you when I´ve decided on it… one of the current favourites is ‘imperfection’.  I wouldn´t call myself a perfectionist, but I do sometimes get a bit obsessed with trying to make sure everything is perfect before I can begin something, or relax, or feel like I´m doing my best and that that is good enough.  So hmmm yep, I pretty much sound like a perfectionist!

I´ve been starting work on Leonie Dawson´s 2014 yearbook, which is great for making you focus on plans and goals for the year ahead.  One of the tasks is to write down 100 things you want to do in the year.  I´ll post this list too, to share and hold myself accountable publicly to at least achieve some of them. We´ll see what happens!

I´m also working on embracing following my own path, and not feeling inadequate for not having a high-flying job and lots of achievements under my belt, considering I’M GOING TO BE 40 THIS YEAR!!!!!

NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!  HOW?????????????????

Did you hear me?


Ah, the relentless march of time!

Breathe, breathe Jenny!  It´s okay, it´s okay I tell you!

So anyway yeah I made a piece of art to deal with those issues.  Hasn´t it worked well????!!! There it is above, shortly to be available in my Etsy shop.

Anyway,  we´re only just into the year, so starting off as I mean to go on, here are some things I´m grateful for at the moment:

♥ Bagpuss ♥ The word Mäuschen (meaning Sweety, Cutie, Pumpkin etc in German, thank you Zoë) ♥ my tidy studio ♥ pink alpaca knitted fingerless gloves.  So pretty yet practical!  ♥ Sunny days ♥ Sherlock.  Hands up who doesn´t have a crush on him, come on now, I see ya! ♥ Searching for Sugarman. ♥ Rodriguez.  I´m a bit late to the game, but really, wowsers! ♥  Luke Wright poet. So talented and inspiring. ♥ My Mr Wonderful diary from Joe. ♥ Jess for her generosity and basically making Jamie have great Christmas presents by giving away her stuff before she left Barcelona. ♥ New lipstick ♥ Cosy woolly socks  ♥ Elf shoes.  Hooray for pixies! ♥ Our orchid coming back to life!  Yay, spring is on its way!

Happy Thursday my darling chickpeas!

Love, Jenny xx


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