Rosy Resources and a scary horse


Hello dear carrot cakes, and a very happy Friday to you!

Today I bring you some internet resources I couldn’t live without, and the above scaryish horse.  Not one of my bestsellers, but I love him!  In keeping with this year’s theme of embracing imperfection and loving what is, just as it is, I present him to you now. Pupil-less and perhaps a bit frightening.  But Jenny loved him*

*(Even Bagpuss himself, once he was asleep, was just an old, saggy cloth cat.  Baggy, and a bit loose at the seams.  But Emily loved him.)

I’m trying to be organised for the new year, amalgamating lists, putting them all in one place, clearing the clutter and hopefully my head.  Ha ha!!  So I’ll let you know how that one goes…

I don’t know about you but I don’t really have a system for reading blogs and looking on favourite websites for info and inspiration; it’s all a bit haphazard and I often forget about good sites even if I’ve bookmarked them, or put them on bloglovin or whatever.  So my new idea is to have a list of my go-to (that I actually forget to ‘go-to’ ) favourite sites put up on the wall next to my daily planner (ahem, the planner is in fact yet to be implemented but I just love the idea of one next to my computer!) that I can just glance up at as a reminder.  All in one place, all very organised, ready to make me feel like a business goddess and diva ready to conquer the world!

So I thought I would share my list with you.  It’s idiosyncratic and quite short, but I wanted to keep it that way because honestly there is sooooo much stuff on the internet that it’s too easy to get overwhelmed and bogged down and spend at least 3 days in a row alone in a dark room hopping and clicking from one rabbit warren of inspiration and information to the next.  Less is definitely more!

Do you have any absolute favourite, can’t-miss blogs or websites?  Please share them if so, I’d love to hear them!

General Creative Inspiration:

Beautiful and inspiring artists:

Teesha Moore

Suzi Blu




General happy rosiness:

Creative Business inspiration and advice:


2 thoughts on “Rosy Resources and a scary horse

  1. I do love your zombie horse! He’s absolutely lovely, who needs an apocalypse?!?

    Marie Forleo is phenomenal–she is all about “creating a business and a life you love.” Check her out at Click on anything that grabs you even a little, and see what she’s about. (Hint: she’s about YOU, not her!) It’s not necessary to have a business in order to personally gain from this site.

    Thanks, Jenny! Keep being Your Awesomeness! 🙂

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