How we spend our days is how we spend our lives

flower hair woman edited 1

I LOVE this quote by Annie Dillard that I saw on Create and Thrive blog.  See this post for advice about how to live your ideal day every day. As soon as I write this I’m going to sit down and work out what my ideal day would look like, in a realistic manner!!

And how are you this fine Thursday morn?  Here the sun is shining, I´ve bought myself a gorgeous white hyacinth (so cheap and so amazing-smelling!), and spring is in the air….

Here are some of my happy things from the last week or so:

♥ Designing and printing the above card, nice and flowery and rainbow-y!! Rainbow roses, who knew??!!  ♥ Decorating my diary/planner with washi tape and stickers, I love making the everyday a bit special and now it brings me pleasure to write my mundane to-do lists in such a pretty place.  I’ll take some photos soon. ♥  Weekend trip to Santa Pau with Jamie’s grandparents. Gorgeous scenery and so nice to get out into the countryside. ♥  Messages from long-lost friends.  ♥ Parcels from other long-lost friends containing collage materials! Thanks Jo! ♥  Two scrapbook shops on the street next to ours. Could be a bit dangerous….♥  Rediscovering old art and creative books and getting ideas. ♥   Lovely landlord first asking after Jamie when I phone him about flat problems. ♥  Cheap and cheerful washi tape. ♥ Chats and coffee with good friends.

Hope you’re having a rosy-esque week my flowers!

Lots of love, Jenny xx

PS. Still trying to work out how to put one of those fancy signatures at the bottom of each blog post.  Grrrr….it’s taking a while…


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