The importance of taking time out

santa pau mirror
Goofy family picture before we set off for our long walk through the hills

Leonie Dawson is always talking about working smarter not harder.

She works 3 hours a day and has such a beautifully thriving business.  I love this advice!

Identify areas in your business or life you where you can improve your time management or productivity and this has nothing to do with working until midnight every night.

santa pau walking

For me, identifying that I am so much more awake and productive and alert in the mornings means I don’t waste time trying to do anything important after 7 or 8 pm, or it’s simply counter-productive.

santa pau cows

santa pau view

santa pau hills

Similarly, taking time out, away from everything, or at least away from your normal routine, can also work wonders.  We went to the Garrotxa region of Catalonia a couple of weeks ago and I found it so restful and restorative being away for one little night.

santa pau snow
I´ll never get tired of looking at the snow-capped Pyrenees

santa pau hill

santa pau buildings

santa pau jamie and statue
Jamie takes a shine to a him-size sculpture. We had to drag him away after he’d given it the 100th kiss!

Making time in my working day to grab a quick coffee with a friend or do some yoga is also simply maravilloso!!

How do you ‘fill your well’ and take time out?  I ‘d love to know your ideas!

With much love,

Jenny xx


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