Sewing love!

jamie letters


Jamie’s starting to put the letters of his name in the right order so I made him these little fabric letters to help him along.

Plus it gave me a chance to do a little sewing project, which I find sooooo relaxing!

I really should learn how to work my (extremely basic) sewing machine, but there’s something really satisfying about sewing by hand, and the more hand-made it looks the better, as I like to tell myself!

They’re about 10cm long, just the right size for his little hands, and he seems to like playing with them.  I just drew the letters on to fabric using chalk, cut round them, hand stitched then stuffed them with cut up socks…so, yep, feeling pretty smug about this little achievement!  It reminded me about the owls I made just before Jamie was born, in the heat of the summer – we holed up inside under the aircon sewing owls.  It was very therapeutic!

Any little projects you’ve been working on?   Oh…by the way, you probably know it already but I’ve just discovered the Soulemama blog and what inspiration!!!   I want to go out and buy all her books and go and live in rural New England with a dog!  Anyway check it out for a lot of creative inspiration, projects and lovely photos if you haven’t already..

Lots of love my butterbeans,

Jenny xx


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