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Hello beautiful long lost friends!

After a 2 year hiatus I’ve started my blog again on, and would love it if you join me over there.

You’ll find arty inspiration and ideas about love, kindness and creativity.


I won’t be using the platform anymore, which means my blog posts won’t show up in Reader.  So if you want to follow me you can subscribe on the blog sidebar here, or find me over on Instagram.  I’d love to follow you back, and I’ll be going through and subscribing to your blogs too, so hopefully we’ll find each other again somewhere in cyberspace!

Love and lollipops to you from Barcelona!  I hope life has been treating you well.

Jenny xx




Marvellous Monday!

wave dusk

Greetings dear sugar plums!

I love twilight, there’s something magical and beautiful about it, the same as dawn as well.  Maybe something to do with the cuspishness of it?  Now there’s a great word for you! I took this photo on my birthday last week, on the beach in Barcelona.  I love the way the sun is glinting off the hotel.

Here’s this weeks list d’amour:

♥ listening to the chinking of neighbours’ glasses and cutlery whilst they had dinner on their balcony, it puts me in holiday mode to hear (in a subdued manner let me add) people eating outdoors ♥ cava on the beach at sunset-bliss! ♥ haloumi and lettuce wraps ♥ amazing carrot birthday cake, made by the amazing Joe ♥ birthday pancakes, ditto ♥ Jamie sleeping better (please please let it last!) ♥ repotting our plants ♥ painting the plant pots pretty colours (photos soon of the patio, very excited about how it’s coming along!) ♥ watermelon and strawberries ♥ Joe finding a pile of vintage Vogue magazines on the street and lugging them home in this heat for me ♥ homemade parsley pesto ♥ a gazillion great birthday presents, the best one being a cool brown vintage leather hand bag. Finally!  A grown up at last!

Hope you’re having a rosy summer!


24/52 Jamie watching the birds fly by

JAMIE watching birds
A portrait of Jamie once a week every week in 2013

Jamie loves watching the birds.  He usually has to point out every single one that crosses his path or enters his line of sight.  Sometimes he flaps his hands and arms, which I initially took to be a sign of excitement at bird sightings but now think it’s actually an attempt at imitating the movement of the bird’s wings!

Here he is distracted from his descent on the slide by a noisy pigeon or seagull.

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Happy Tuesday dear people! xx