4 weeks to go…woop woop!

hello you leaves

Excitingly, I found this almost-finished collage in my art journal book.  I call it my art journal but I don’t actually do any art journalling in there!  I just use it to make collages that I intend to turn into prints or greetings cards.

I would like to do art journalling and PLAY a bit more, but find I’d rather be doing other more ‘serious’ creative stuff whenever I get the time.

Which I know is actually completely counter-productive because with art journalling you can mess around and play and it doesn’t matter if you make mistakes.

You can experiment and discover new methods and tecniques or whatever, and I would most likely come up with something better or more original than what I create intentionally, but I can’t seem to get myself to do it!

I can’t get away from the idea that I should be doing something concrete that’s going to further my fledgling business…gah!  I didn’t realise I was such a serious person, ha ha!  Any tips?

The words ‘hello you’ make me laugh as well because they remind me of my friend Cath’s lovely boyfriend Diego (who is so chirpy and smiley and genuine the whole world loves him!) who picked up the expression a while ago and didn’t stop saying it every chance he could.

Anyway, I’m pleased to have found the collage, which only needed a couple of finishing touches – as it brings me a step closer to my goal of having 100 items for sale in my Etsy shop.  Woo hoo!  I’m up to 95 at the moment, and I’m determined to make it to 100 before our baby comes.  (4 weeks tomorrow if she’s on time…)

I hope all is well in your world my jelly beans, here’s to an intensely productive 4 weeks!!


How we spend our days is how we spend our lives

flower hair woman edited 1

I LOVE this quote by Annie Dillard that I saw on Create and Thrive blog.  See this post for advice about how to live your ideal day every day. As soon as I write this I’m going to sit down and work out what my ideal day would look like, in a realistic manner!!

And how are you this fine Thursday morn?  Here the sun is shining, I´ve bought myself a gorgeous white hyacinth (so cheap and so amazing-smelling!), and spring is in the air….

Here are some of my happy things from the last week or so:

♥ Designing and printing the above card, nice and flowery and rainbow-y!! Rainbow roses, who knew??!!  ♥ Decorating my diary/planner with washi tape and stickers, I love making the everyday a bit special and now it brings me pleasure to write my mundane to-do lists in such a pretty place.  I’ll take some photos soon. ♥  Weekend trip to Santa Pau with Jamie’s grandparents. Gorgeous scenery and so nice to get out into the countryside. ♥  Messages from long-lost friends.  ♥ Parcels from other long-lost friends containing collage materials! Thanks Jo! ♥  Two scrapbook shops on the street next to ours. Could be a bit dangerous….♥  Rediscovering old art and creative books and getting ideas. ♥   Lovely landlord first asking after Jamie when I phone him about flat problems. ♥  Cheap and cheerful washi tape. ♥ Chats and coffee with good friends.

Hope you’re having a rosy-esque week my flowers!

Lots of love, Jenny xx

PS. Still trying to work out how to put one of those fancy signatures at the bottom of each blog post.  Grrrr….it’s taking a while…

14 ways to use washi tape!


One of my many (I like to think) wholesome obsessions is the humble washi or decorative tape.  I cannot get enough of it! So pretty! So cheap (ok relatively speaking, it’s affordable at least) so versatile and usable. Basically, anything that you might want to decoupage (and you´ll probably believe me that in my case that includes a great number of items) you can do so much more quickly and easily with washi tape.  I love a bit of instant gratification!

So for example, I´ve used washi tape around the light switches in my wee studio (Joe drew the line at anywhere else in the house; it´s true, sometimes I get carried away and need reining in a bit!); around the door frames (this idea from A beautiful Mess, love that blog!); as original frames around photos or pictures on the wall; in my cards and collages and art journals; and on this Ikea chair:


which I´ll be posting about in the near future.  I love how it turned out!  You could also decorate plain photo frames, jazz up envelopes, lampshades, any old furniture, or make an actual collage using only washi tape in different patterns and configurations.  I did this with some lovely Japanese paper I was given from the beautiful Japanese shop in Barcelona, which I think I´ve mentioned before, is pretty much my favourite shop ever.

Japanese paper collage

japanese paper without frame

Some other ideas I’ve seen around:

  • on jam jars to make pen holders
  • on the keys of keyboards.  The tape is normally slightly transparent so you should still be able to see the letters.
  • to decorate mouse mats
  • to decorate plain coasters
  • on the side of picture frames
  • to turn a plain paper bag into a gift bag
  • on plain notebooks
  • on clothes pegs to use as office accessories
  • on glass vases…

I’m sure a million other ideas are out there.  Let me know if you have any good ones!

Happy crafting my darlinks!

Jenny xx

Wonderful Wednesday, Grease lightning!


Hello friendly friends

I’m feeling inspired and happy today, despite being tired.  A combination of meeting new people, communicating and being social but also having time alone to create, physical exercise and even seeing a bit of nature, and Jamie being in the sweetest happiest mood.  He’s such a delight to be with when he’s like that.  Oh and I also had another Etsy card order, yay!

I know I’ve already made a couple of Grease cards, but I really love Grease. It puts me in an excellent mood just thinking about it!  I made this collage thinking I would turn it into a graduation card, which I might still do, although that might limit its potential sellability.  Is that a word?  We’ll see, it’s kind of niche anyway, I’m not expecting massive popularity!!!

So here’s this week’s list of love:

♥ Connecting with inspiring people and making new friends. ♥ Catching up with Connie (sounds like the name of a film! ♥ Ciutadella park early on a weekday morning, so pretty and smells divine.  Plus hardly any people! ♥ Potential nursery for Jamie-life changing! ♥ Washi tape gifts. ♥  Patio plant gifts.  ♥ Feeling inspired and creative. ♥ Making new collages. ♥ Friendly parents at the playground. ♥ Joe and his thoughtful ways – waking up to breakfast laid out and the washing up done. ♥ Planning trips away and days off this term.  Now that summer’s kind of over a girl needs something to look forward to! ♥ Etsy orders. ♥ An old friend asking out of the blue if I´d like her to send me some vintage flower wallpaper samples she had left over.  So thoughtful again! ♥ Finding a penny ♥ Re-organising my studio and deciding to get a sofa.  We will then be a three sofa family!!!  I love the idea of our apartment having three cosy comfy rooms with sofas for lounging and dreaming and reading on.  How perfectly decadent!  I’m basically living in my dream home! Yay!

Sending you inspiration and joy my lovebugs,

Jenny xx