Some pictures from the summer


It’s not over- not over- not over ye-et, la la la…

Even if summer is kind of officially finished, it doesn’t feel like it weather-wise at least in Barcelona.  We put the fan away only to bring it out again, and I’m waking up at night by annoying little beads of sweat running into my eyes. Lovely!

Weighty problems aside, I hope you enjoyed the summer.  I’m now coming at you from the other side of 40, so get ready for some juicy pearls of wisdom!!!

Five weeks today and our new little baby is due!  Jamie started school today (Sooooo young -to start at the age of 3!) which leaves me with a few weeks of very exciting freedom!  I’m planning all sorts of indulgent trips to the beach, cinema and Arabic baths, as well as working on some new card and poster designs.

Here are a few photos taken on our trips to the Costa Brava and France.  Such beautiful countryside!

With lots of love, especially to all the other mamas whose babies have just started school,

Jenny xx

Bagnères-de-Luchon in the South of France. 17 degrees in August, the cheeky monkey!!
View from our tent in a campsite near Auch in the Gers region of France. Totally isolated and no light pollution so we saw lots of shooting stars!


Someone with a sense of humour!
I’m going to use this as a model for another wooden whimsical house. So cute! I think it was originally a gatehouse.


Near Tamariu on the Costa Brava, one of my favourite places ever.
Joe’s arty shot of our flip flops intertwined!
View from the pool of our guest house, when it wasn’t raining, which was only half the time, grrrr…
Swimming in the rain. It must be what I like to think of as my determined British genes!
Tossa de Mar.
These cacti make me really happy!



IMG_5120 IMG_4629 IMG_4603



A portrait of Jamie once a week, every week in 2013


You can’t see it here but to the side is a full-length mirror that Jamie has been admiring himself in his new (ish) star wellies.  He can’t stop looking at his feet in them!  They’re a bit big so he often trips up in them whilst stomping round the flat, but it doesn’t seem to bother him.

I’ve been a bit remiss with the 52 portraits this summer, but no reason not to continue now with a few weeks missing hey?  Embracing the spirit of imperfection…something is better than nothing, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing!

Linking in with the mamas and papas at che and fidel, and sending you rosy love,


Marvellous Monday!

wave dusk

Greetings dear sugar plums!

I love twilight, there’s something magical and beautiful about it, the same as dawn as well.  Maybe something to do with the cuspishness of it?  Now there’s a great word for you! I took this photo on my birthday last week, on the beach in Barcelona.  I love the way the sun is glinting off the hotel.

Here’s this weeks list d’amour:

♥ listening to the chinking of neighbours’ glasses and cutlery whilst they had dinner on their balcony, it puts me in holiday mode to hear (in a subdued manner let me add) people eating outdoors ♥ cava on the beach at sunset-bliss! ♥ haloumi and lettuce wraps ♥ amazing carrot birthday cake, made by the amazing Joe ♥ birthday pancakes, ditto ♥ Jamie sleeping better (please please let it last!) ♥ repotting our plants ♥ painting the plant pots pretty colours (photos soon of the patio, very excited about how it’s coming along!) ♥ watermelon and strawberries ♥ Joe finding a pile of vintage Vogue magazines on the street and lugging them home in this heat for me ♥ homemade parsley pesto ♥ a gazillion great birthday presents, the best one being a cool brown vintage leather hand bag. Finally!  A grown up at last!

Hope you’re having a rosy summer!