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Hello beautiful long lost friends!

After a 2 year hiatus I’ve started my blog again on, and would love it if you join me over there.

You’ll find arty inspiration and ideas about love, kindness and creativity.


I won’t be using the platform anymore, which means my blog posts won’t show up in Reader.  So if you want to follow me you can subscribe on the blog sidebar here, or find me over on Instagram.  I’d love to follow you back, and I’ll be going through and subscribing to your blogs too, so hopefully we’ll find each other again somewhere in cyberspace!

Love and lollipops to you from Barcelona!  I hope life has been treating you well.

Jenny xx




Life is really not a beautiful ride. Or rosy.


life is a beautiful ride

Hi sugar puffs

I’m struggling with this a bit at the moment.

Of course we all know life is NOT always a beautiful ride, so is it just annoying and delusional to act like it is, or is it merely focusing on the positive side of things without actually silmataneously denying that all the bad and difficult and hideous and heart wrenching times exist?

Sometimes I feel inane and flimsy going round trying to have a positive take on most things.  Surely some things simply don’t have a positive take, and it isn’t gloomy or depressing or naysaying to acknowledge that.

There are beautiful and comedic moments to be had in the darkest hours, ok, but isn’t it a bit insulting to be continuously walking round hands in pockets metaphorically whistling It’s a Wonderful Life? (although I must say I absolutely love that film!)

Ho hum pigs bum.  What’s your opinion?

Having said all that, I really like the picture in the photo above that a friend got for my birthday, and it gives me pleasure to look upon it.  I’d take lot less pleasure from it if the words said ‘Life is a fucking nightmare,’ or something like that.

Ooh that maybe the first time I’ve sworn on this blog, hope no one is offended!  I actually swear like a trooper a lot of the time, (gasp!)  although I’ve curbed that somewhat what with having a small child with big ears around the place.  (He hasn’t literally got big ears.)

I’ll save my gratitude list for my next post, which I will definitely try to squeeze in before our baby comes (in one week if she’s on time!  Wowsers!)

Oh, and I’ve got a mailing list now, so let’s be pen pals!

Hope your day goes swimmingly,

Jenny xx

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4 weeks to go…woop woop!

hello you leaves

Excitingly, I found this almost-finished collage in my art journal book.  I call it my art journal but I don’t actually do any art journalling in there!  I just use it to make collages that I intend to turn into prints or greetings cards.

I would like to do art journalling and PLAY a bit more, but find I’d rather be doing other more ‘serious’ creative stuff whenever I get the time.

Which I know is actually completely counter-productive because with art journalling you can mess around and play and it doesn’t matter if you make mistakes.

You can experiment and discover new methods and tecniques or whatever, and I would most likely come up with something better or more original than what I create intentionally, but I can’t seem to get myself to do it!

I can’t get away from the idea that I should be doing something concrete that’s going to further my fledgling business…gah!  I didn’t realise I was such a serious person, ha ha!  Any tips?

The words ‘hello you’ make me laugh as well because they remind me of my friend Cath’s lovely boyfriend Diego (who is so chirpy and smiley and genuine the whole world loves him!) who picked up the expression a while ago and didn’t stop saying it every chance he could.

Anyway, I’m pleased to have found the collage, which only needed a couple of finishing touches – as it brings me a step closer to my goal of having 100 items for sale in my Etsy shop.  Woo hoo!  I’m up to 95 at the moment, and I’m determined to make it to 100 before our baby comes.  (4 weeks tomorrow if she’s on time…)

I hope all is well in your world my jelly beans, here’s to an intensely productive 4 weeks!!

3 Ordinary Things Worth Celebrating


Linking in with the lovely The Petit Cadeau and Joyful Roots blogs for a community blog tour of everyday things worth celebrating.  Hooray!

Here’s my  list of 3 out-of-the-ordinary things I believe are worth celebrating: Stay tuned for further installments, I have many more items to add!

1.  Getting old.

A lot of people in the world don’t get that privilege. I’ll worry about potential ill-health when the time comes, but in the meantime another grey hair and wrinkle is going to be cause to celebrate! I’m still here!  I’m alive and kicking and look how far I’ve come!

I love how we as humans emulate nature – the seasons, the phases of the moon.

Well I’m entering middle age, and I plan to embrace it!  That doesn’t mean I can’t still be young at heart, of course, it just means that for me since I became a mother 2 years ago I have felt completely ready to be fully in this second phase of my life.  I’m finally happy to be a crafty nerdy homebody that stays at home all the time, doesn’t smoke or go out til 8am every weekend.  That’s something to celebrate!

I will also hopefully have the pleasure of growing old with my husband and little boy.  Watch my son grow up.  I know children grow up so quickly and I plan to document as much as I can – stopping short when the process of documentation gets in the way of savouring the moment for itself.

(Read the classic Jenny Joseph poem and watch The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel film for further getting old celebration!)

2.  Giving and Receiving Compliments.

nicky book 5  dusk round corners

I’m such a big fan of compliments – both the giving and the receiving.  When I receive a compliment I try to write it down and put it in a special compliments scrapbook I’ve made.  I often forget, but I love the idea anyway!! I write the date, the compliment, and who said it to me. It’s such a lovely thing to look back on, all the more so if you’ve had a bad day or are feeling a bit down on yourself.

I think it’s important to try to accept any compliments we’re given.  I know it can be difficult, (especially as women, as we’re basically indoctrinated from birth to be self deprecating), but a smile and a thank you and not a self put-down both acknowlege the giver of the compliment and train the mind of your future self that you are worthy to receive future compliments!

And on the flipside:  Giving someone a compliment can be such a simple thing to do yet yield such massive results.  What’s not to like?!! Maximum output for minimum input!  I’ll never forget the time I told one of my dad’s friends his new haircut really suited him – he grinned from ear to ear and his face lit up like I’d completely made his day!  It was wonderful!  I was a bit taken aback by what an effect I’d had by something I’d thought so little over.

Anyway my point is it’s a very easy way to make someone happy.  I’m not talking about saying something for the sake of it or saying something false, but If I think something nice about someone I make a point of saying it.  I’ve started doing it with strangers too, which admittedly makes me feel a bit of an idiot at times, but I can assure you it’s completely worth it!

Compliment scrapbooks make amazing presents too by the way.  For my mum’s 60th birthday and when some friends left Barcelona I asked people what their favourite memories about that person were or what they loved most about them, and compiled all the answers together in a little arty book.

Hearing such nice details and anticipating the joy the recipient is going to feel at all those lovely things others treasure  about her is almost as good as being on the receiving end of something like that myself….(double win!)

I also make a point to pass on compliments I’ve heard said about someone. Why not, eh?  A bit of positivity is always worth sharing…

3.  Writing to-do lists and paying bills.

feb planner

open planner2

I’ve recently got into decorating daily planners, which apparently is a big ole phenomenon I’ve been missing out on!  Suzi Blu mentioned this Facebook Page and since I discovered that I’ve been making my daily diary pretty with washi tape and glitter and stickers and revelling in being 10 years old again!  There’s something to be said for making the ordinary parts of the everyday special, or adding a bit of positive attention and mindfulness to them, and I can happily report that I now enjoy writing my daily to-do lists because they look so pretty!

And as for paying bills…well, of course it’s mostly done online now, but getting into the habit of keeping records and accounts- of what we usually see as boring or negative parts of life- in really pretty stationery, and using a favourite pen to do it, really makes a difference to how you approach such chores.

Also, as I believe SARK once said, try changing your attitude to being grateful. Instead of cursing utility companies for having such sky-high prices, start at least acknowledging the fact that we’re in a somewhat privileged position to have access to and be in a position to pay for running water, electricity, gas, all on demand.  How often do these things really not work or go wrong?  Not very often!!

planner front

What ordinary things do you believe are worth celebrating?

With love and ordinariness,

Jenny xx

PS  I’m so okay with imperfection these days (thanks Brené Brown) I’ve even included the last photo which has the ‘d’ from ‘daily’ and the Thursday stickers missing!!  Ha ha!!