Etsy love!

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Hello dearest gorgeous beautiful cherubs

This is my new Etsy banner, thought I’d show it to you here so you can see what you think…

I’m almost happy with it, the whimsical face is a bit pixelated so I’ll change that I think.  I really like the colours.

Created once again on the marvellous Picmonkey!

Continuing with the Etsy theme, I’ve just come across Handmadeology, a wonderful site that I’m probably the last to know about, which gives loads of tips for improving your Etsy shop and selling handmade.  I also learned about this great tool for sharing Etsy treasuries, which I am about to put to use here:

(YAY!!  It actually worked!  Go me with my non-techie ways!)


‘Mixed MEDIA Darlings’ by Irrationalartscom

Gorgeous and so colorful mixed media prints.

Mixed Media Art Print, Whims…


She felt free Christy Tomlin…


Tween Girls Art,Inspirationa…


robot 5×7 mixed media art pr…


6×6 hand painted canvas &quo…


8 X 10 “She Who Sings&q…


Three’s company…5 x 7 …


Wanderlust – fine art print,…


There’s Nothing Like Sta…


Whimsical girl art print, wi…


Banksy Art Style Print – New…


inspirational print | motiva…


Mixed media girl picking wil…


Original Mixed Media Collage…


Love came down and rescued m…


Mixed Media Art Print – Whim…


Powered By Handmadeology

Can you spot which artwork is mine without looking at the shop name underneath the images?!

If you want to see the treasury online, click here.

Sigh….I love being featured on other people’s treasuries.  Would LOVE it if it could lead to more sales!  Repeat after me, ‘I will make a living selling my creations, I will make a living selling my creations….’

Anyway sugarplums, hope all is well in your world.  Wishing you a crunchy summer salad with amazing strawberry and balsamic vinegar dressing, and maybe a little catnap in the sun under a friendly tree in a park.

Big love as always, Jenny xx

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Favourite Creative Books

creative books

Hello sugar plum fairies!

Well it’s April and I have 3 months left to complete my 39 books-this-year challenge.  I’m on 26 so far, so I need to up the ante (whatever that means) and get on with it!

To help myself along I think I may include non- fiction creative books, i.e books with lots of beautiful pictures in them so I can cheat!

These are some of my favourite ever creative books that I ll never get tired of looking at.  Such inspiration and so many ideas to kick-start your own!

What are some of your favourites?

Hope the sun is shining on you and Happy Sant Jordi’s day to my Barcelona friends!

Jenny xx

Rosy Resources and a scary horse


Hello dear carrot cakes, and a very happy Friday to you!

Today I bring you some internet resources I couldn’t live without, and the above scaryish horse.  Not one of my bestsellers, but I love him!  In keeping with this year’s theme of embracing imperfection and loving what is, just as it is, I present him to you now. Pupil-less and perhaps a bit frightening.  But Jenny loved him*

*(Even Bagpuss himself, once he was asleep, was just an old, saggy cloth cat.  Baggy, and a bit loose at the seams.  But Emily loved him.)

I’m trying to be organised for the new year, amalgamating lists, putting them all in one place, clearing the clutter and hopefully my head.  Ha ha!!  So I’ll let you know how that one goes…

I don’t know about you but I don’t really have a system for reading blogs and looking on favourite websites for info and inspiration; it’s all a bit haphazard and I often forget about good sites even if I’ve bookmarked them, or put them on bloglovin or whatever.  So my new idea is to have a list of my go-to (that I actually forget to ‘go-to’ ) favourite sites put up on the wall next to my daily planner (ahem, the planner is in fact yet to be implemented but I just love the idea of one next to my computer!) that I can just glance up at as a reminder.  All in one place, all very organised, ready to make me feel like a business goddess and diva ready to conquer the world!

So I thought I would share my list with you.  It’s idiosyncratic and quite short, but I wanted to keep it that way because honestly there is sooooo much stuff on the internet that it’s too easy to get overwhelmed and bogged down and spend at least 3 days in a row alone in a dark room hopping and clicking from one rabbit warren of inspiration and information to the next.  Less is definitely more!

Do you have any absolute favourite, can’t-miss blogs or websites?  Please share them if so, I’d love to hear them!

General Creative Inspiration:

Beautiful and inspiring artists:

Teesha Moore

Suzi Blu




General happy rosiness:

Creative Business inspiration and advice: