4 weeks to go…woop woop!

hello you leaves

Excitingly, I found this almost-finished collage in my art journal book.  I call it my art journal but I don’t actually do any art journalling in there!  I just use it to make collages that I intend to turn into prints or greetings cards.

I would like to do art journalling and PLAY a bit more, but find I’d rather be doing other more ‘serious’ creative stuff whenever I get the time.

Which I know is actually completely counter-productive because with art journalling you can mess around and play and it doesn’t matter if you make mistakes.

You can experiment and discover new methods and tecniques or whatever, and I would most likely come up with something better or more original than what I create intentionally, but I can’t seem to get myself to do it!

I can’t get away from the idea that I should be doing something concrete that’s going to further my fledgling business…gah!  I didn’t realise I was such a serious person, ha ha!  Any tips?

The words ‘hello you’ make me laugh as well because they remind me of my friend Cath’s lovely boyfriend Diego (who is so chirpy and smiley and genuine the whole world loves him!) who picked up the expression a while ago and didn’t stop saying it every chance he could.

Anyway, I’m pleased to have found the collage, which only needed a couple of finishing touches – as it brings me a step closer to my goal of having 100 items for sale in my Etsy shop.  Woo hoo!  I’m up to 95 at the moment, and I’m determined to make it to 100 before our baby comes.  (4 weeks tomorrow if she’s on time…)

I hope all is well in your world my jelly beans, here’s to an intensely productive 4 weeks!!


14 ways to use washi tape!


One of my many (I like to think) wholesome obsessions is the humble washi or decorative tape.  I cannot get enough of it! So pretty! So cheap (ok relatively speaking, it’s affordable at least) so versatile and usable. Basically, anything that you might want to decoupage (and you´ll probably believe me that in my case that includes a great number of items) you can do so much more quickly and easily with washi tape.  I love a bit of instant gratification!

So for example, I´ve used washi tape around the light switches in my wee studio (Joe drew the line at anywhere else in the house; it´s true, sometimes I get carried away and need reining in a bit!); around the door frames (this idea from A beautiful Mess, love that blog!); as original frames around photos or pictures on the wall; in my cards and collages and art journals; and on this Ikea chair:


which I´ll be posting about in the near future.  I love how it turned out!  You could also decorate plain photo frames, jazz up envelopes, lampshades, any old furniture, or make an actual collage using only washi tape in different patterns and configurations.  I did this with some lovely Japanese paper I was given from the beautiful Japanese shop in Barcelona, which I think I´ve mentioned before, is pretty much my favourite shop ever.

Japanese paper collage

japanese paper without frame

Some other ideas I’ve seen around:

  • on jam jars to make pen holders
  • on the keys of keyboards.  The tape is normally slightly transparent so you should still be able to see the letters.
  • to decorate mouse mats
  • to decorate plain coasters
  • on the side of picture frames
  • to turn a plain paper bag into a gift bag
  • on plain notebooks
  • on clothes pegs to use as office accessories
  • on glass vases…

I’m sure a million other ideas are out there.  Let me know if you have any good ones!

Happy crafting my darlinks!

Jenny xx

My messy desk and the Sunshine Blog Award! Woop woop!

messy desk

Hello there princesses! (and a couple of princes too)

What is your work space like?  Are you generally messy or tidy or somewhere in between?  I’m a rare bird in that I can tolerate – and even quite like as I think it looks interesting – a bit of surface mess and chaos, but drawers, cupboards, wardrobes or anything which houses stuff put away or out of sight absolutely has to be pristine and orderly.  The idea of clothes being put away on hangers inside out makes me itch!  Underwear not folded neatly in its drawer?  I’d rather make myself late than leave it knowingly like that. Ahem.  A little bit OCD I know, but never mind…

So the above is my desk in its current state.  The book open next to the computer is an art journal I’m working on, made from a kids’ board book.  I love repurposing old things!  So cheap (or free!) and better for the environment than contributing to so much mindless consumerism.  Having said that, I also get great joy from purchasing exciting art supplies…ho hum…  I’m really pleased with how the journal is looking so far, mainly achieved with scrap papers and a lot of washi tape, my current obsession.  I’ll post pictures soon.

What does your work area look like at the moment?

I’m also really excited to accept the Sunshine award nomination from Jill at the artist’s nest.  Basically everything this woman writes I agree with and end up nodding my head up and down quite vigorously to. Her creative blog is very inspiring!



* Post a picture of the award on your blog
* Link back to the person who nominated you
* List ten random facts about yourself
* Nominate ten fellow bloggers who “positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.” (I’m doing 4)
* Comment on their blogs to notify them of their nomination

So here are ten random facts about me:

♥ I embrace my inappropriate crushes:  Ron Swanson, TJ Hooker and Billy Joel, to name but a few.

♥ I could spend every day of my life on the beach and be happy.  So relaxing and invigorating at the same time.

♥ I’ve written a diary since I was 12.  Sporadic at times, but I love the fact I have a record of my life and feelings in written form to look back on when I’m feeling nostalgic.

♥ I once slipped on a banana skin in front of my new boyfriend on a trip to Amsterdam.  A couple of hours later I lost a contact lens, hadn’t brought a spare pair or my glasses, so spent the weekend in a state of half-blind mortification.  We didn’t stay together but goodness it was a memorable trip!

♥ I believe in ghosts.

♥ I once shared a biscuit at a party with Jeremy Irons.  Yeah baby!

♥ In another carnation I’d be a hippy yoga beach bum in India.

♥ I’d like to visit New York some day.

♥ I love finding stuff next to the bins in Barcelona!

♥ Despite being British and a real home-body, I rarely drink tea.  I like it, but not loads, and I absolutely love coffee, so one hit of caffeine is enough for me.

And here are my nominees:


the Positive Slant: http://alexandracoulter.wordpress.com/



Stationery Love

I absolutely love stationery, especially notebooks!  It’s probably lucky we don’t have a Paperchase here in Barcelona as I would be broke and have even less room on my bookshelves from all the various notebooks, scrapbooks. blank books etc I’d be buying at maybe a rate of 10 a week.

I use them for diaries, art journals, gratitude journals, writing to-do lists, daily notebooks, keeping note of the books I’ve read, recording new Spanish vocab, writing down my dreams to analyse, writing down different quotations and lyrics or whatever inspiring words have jumped out at me from wherever, and as scrapbooks with inspiring images cut from magazines, that I look back on when I remember to.

My favourites are from this really small old shop in the barrio gotico in Barcelona called Papirum.  They are handmade and beautiful.

So handmade and beautiful and pristine I have to remind myself it’s okay to deface them by actually using them and writing in them!

Aaaahhhh….it’s the little things in life eh?!  Happy sigh….  Anyone else equally obsessed?